Club 1st Show 2nd show Location
YTC of Greater New York 02/09/19   New York, NY
YTC of Greater Kansas City 03/07/19 03/09/19 Kansas City, MO
Ohio Valley YTC of Kentucky 03/14/19   Louisville, KY
YTC of Hawaii 04/06/19 04/07/19  Honolulu, HI
Watchung Mountains YTC 04/07/19 2 shows Somerset, NJ
YTC of Los Angeles 05/23/19 2 shows Pomona, CA
YTC of Oklahoma City 06/19/19   Midwest City, OK
Rocky Mountain YTC TBD   Check back later
Bluebonnet YTC 06/19/19  07/04/19 midwest City, OK/Dallas, TX
Mount Ranier YTC 07/05/19 07/06/19 Puyallup, WA
Goldcoast YTC 07/13/19 2 DES. SPEC West Palm Beach , FL
YTC of Southeast Michigan 11/30/18    East Lansing, MI
Delaware Valley YTC      
Central Florida YTC 09/13/18 09/14/18 Kissimmee, FL
YTC of the Nation's Capitol 10/12/18   Leesburg, VA
YTC of Northern California 10/17/18 2 shows Pleasanton, CA
YTC of the Carolinas No info available at this time, Please check back later