About YTCA

Our Mission Statement

“To preserve and protect the Yorkshire Terrier breed, as recognized by the AKC. To provide education and encourage the breeding of true type, good health and sound temperament. To promote camaraderie and cooperation among members of the YTCA, always keeping in mind the purpose of the Club is the best interest of the Breed.”


Officers and Board Members 

Leslie Stolfi, President                    lilykin@aol.com

Robbe Lyon, Vice-President          lynworth@comcast.net

Melissa Jones, Treasurer               truemaroonyorkies@gmail.com

Matina E. Johnson, Secretary       brookviewyorkies@yahoo.com

Pamela Langstein, Director          charizmayorkies@gmail.com      

Georgina Miller, Director              sapphireyorkies@dslextreme.com

Helen Scott, Director                     vistayt@cox.net

 Judy Marksbury, Director             jamyorkies@aol.com