YTCA Committees

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Achievement Awards:

Gloria Lyon (WA)


Acrylic Plaques for Specialty Clubs:

Vicki Edwards


AKC Delegate:

Pam Langstein (NY)


Breeder Referral:



By-Laws Committee:

Not filled at this time



Companion/Performance Events Committee:

Pam Wengorovius (MI)

Susan Colledge (UT)

Deborah Gatchell (IN)

Pam Shelby (CA)


DQ Committee:

Georgette Franzoni (VA)

Kathleen Kolbert (CT)

LaDonna Reno (MO)



 Kathryn Roberts (SC) Chairperson

Marie Bradley (TX) 

Ursula Woods (AZ)


Health Committee:

 Matina E. Johnson (AL) Chairperson

Lizeth Medina (NJ)

Judy Marksbury (IN)

Nick Valenti (NY)


Judges Education:

Lisa Farmer (GA)

Kathleen Kolbert (CT)


Judges Selection:


Georgina Miller (CA) 




Pending Canine Related Legislation Link



Crystal Messersmith (SC), Chair

Michelle Chaney (IA)

Mark Dearinger (CA)

Wendy Doss (SC)

Neil Feerrar (PA)

 Valerie Wilson (GA)



Gloria Bloch-Robinson (FL), Chair

Michelle Chaney (IA) 

Allison Fowler (WA)

  Liz Medina (NJ)

Carol Schwarzbach (CA)


Public Education:

Tammy Heider (AZ)

Jennifer White (FL)


Register of Merit:

Georgina Miller (CA), Chairperson


Roving Specialties:

Dave King (MS) Chair

 Cheryl Rangel (IL)

Judy Casserburg (MN)



Kat Roberts (OH) Chairperson 


 YTCA Liaison


 Website Committee:

Kelly Stewart (WA) Content Manager


YTCA Awards

Gloria Lyon (WA)


YTCA Rescue:

President: Barbara Meskan (IL)

Treasurer: Dr. Mary Doyle (IL)